Monday, January 19, 2015

Timecrimes | Los Cronocrímenes [Movie Review]

Snap review

Pitch: Timecrimes has frequently pop up whenever I search for a good time travel movie. The ironic part was that i never found the time to watch it. After having a great time watching Predestination and Triangle, I finally found the urge to seat down to watch this.

Plot: Hector just moved into his new home with his wife. Little did he know that a casual Saturday would become a strange turn off events involving voyeurism, a masked slasher and a complicated time travel.

Perspective: Timecrimes is one heck of a ride. Lots of twist and turn that worth rewatching. It might be a low budget movie but it didn't stop Timecrimes from being a solid sci-fi entertainment. Lastly,  Barbara Goenaga provides the drool factor that makes this movie even more engaging.

Rating: ***1/2

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