Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises's Viral Campaign?

The Internet is buzzing with the news that The Dark Knight Rises official website has come alive. Clicking on the link, it will bring you to a blank page with a wav file attached. The wav file contains a chant which I can't really make out but folks online are saying that it's chanting The Fire Rises.

Soon a twitter account for The Fire Rises was found and it's been twittering a link ( to this awesome image. a Mosaic picture of Tom Hardy as Bane! I am guessing that they are using the pictures of fans who click on the link and allow the website to access their facebook or twitter account. If you scroll over those the mosaic, you could see mosaic magnified. I can't locate my picture just yet but to think that I am involved with something so cool just put a smile on my face. If this is the start of their viral campaign, I can't wait to see what else are they going to do.

But even before the mosaic has been completed, the image has already been uncovered by the fans and here's the proper picture of Tom Hardy as Bane... look pretty awesome to me

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