Thursday, April 21, 2011

X-Men: First Class [ Poster ] [ Trailer ]

F*** Magazine just posted a new poster for X-Men: First Class on their Facebook Wall Photos

And there's a new :90 Online Exclusive Clip from the official X-Men: First Class Facebook / Youtube site
*Updated 22nd Apr - New X-Men: First Class fan-made poster by artist Phil Noto! from X-Men : First Class Facebook page

Mark Down the date : 2nd June 2011


  1. That's one ugly poster. Why are they rolling out such monstrosity? Remember the single sheet ones, that of the floating head? Who did they hire to make these. They should fire them immediately.

  2. actually I quite like that poster... can be better but right now I am ok with this :) Posted a new fan made poster by Phili Noto, hope you like it